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Saint Anthony's Prayer to the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit, fire of love, come rest over each of us, make our tongue ready to confess our sins, that in revealing everything and concealing nothing, we may attain heavenly life to sing eternal praise with the angels. With your help, you who live and reign through all ages. Amen. Jan 01, 2019 · Short Prayer to St. Raphael the Archangel St. Raphael, the Archangel, arrow and medicine of Divine Love, wound our hearts, we implore you, with the burning love of God and let this wound never heal, so that even in daily life we might always remain upon the path of love and overcome all things through love. Amen. Consecration Prayer to St. Raphael

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Novena Begins: April 10 Feast Day: April 19 Saint Expedite is the patron saint for a problem which needs to be solved immediately Day 1 - Saint Expedite Novena I call forth the Power and presenceof Saint Expedite in my time of financial trouble.I offer my body, heart, mind and soulupon your altar of light.I have faith, trust and complete confidencethat you will be my strengthin this time …Inspire us to fast and do penance for our sins. Instill on us the spirit of sacrifice that we, too, may love God intensely as you did. Amen. Daily Prayer (3) Our Father, (3) Hail Mary, (3) Glory Be (3) St. Cajetan, pray for us. Eight Day O glorious St. Cajetan, it pained you to see the Catholic Church divided into hostile groups.

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Honey you got a face like St. Expedite Ah ah ah My spirit grows heavy and I wonder at times What keeps it from floating up high The hatred of people that I might have crossed Or the gravity of our desires He'll lead the way coming St. Expedite He'll lead the way coming St. Expedite Yes he'll lead the way coming St. Expedite St. Expedite, you lay in rest. I come to you and ask that my prayer be granted. [Insert Your Request] Expedite this, what I ask of you. Expedite now, this is what I want of you, this very second. Please don't waste another day. Please give me what I ask for. I know your power, I know you because of your work. I know you can do it.

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St. Expedite is one of the most popular and b e loved saints in New Orleans. He is the patron saint of those who need fast solutions to pro b lems, who strive to put an end to procrastination and d e lays, and those who seek financial success. He is also pet i tioned for prompt solutions to business problems, winning court cases and getting a job, among other things.Apr 23, 2017 · So Saint Expedite inspired me to write a prayer for quick and immediate financial needs. "Here we go: Dearest soldier saint of quick miracles, Saint Expedite, i need/would love to have/get (amount of money) today/*mention time/duration* I thank you for your miraculous intervention in advance.